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Adventures with the HTC One X

Just a week and a half after espousing the wonders of my One X the damn thing had to be replaced. Yep - the autofocus on the camera wasn't working. If I stopped and restarted it several times it might work, but eventually failed completely. After searching the net for "HTC One X autofocus not working" and several other permutations of this, I found it's a hardware error. The local Optus dealer, to whom I'm deeply indebted swapped it without issue. The new phone works brilliantly and I'm happy to say that I'm taking plenty of snaps with it. I have also purchased it wallet type cover for it - I think it will protect the screen better than some of the other types of protectors out there. I do of course have a screen protector on it, but this won't necessarily stop keys or change in my pocket from damaging it. On to the next adventure with it!