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OTRS Upgrade Notes

First things first, we need to download the latest and that’s usually from the public FTP site on OTRS’ site. Here is a good place to start: I always grab the source .tar.gz file and usually with this command: # wget -c (for the latest one anyway – which at time of writing I 5.0.13) The upgrade direction is here: and I want this to be my summarized version of this for ease of use both for myself and for you, gentle reader. I have a script that starts off the upgrade process with some of the basic stuff (note – run this as root): #!/bin/bash service cron stop service apache2 stop service postfix stop NOW=`date +%F` mkdir /root/backup/$NOW BDIR=/root/backup/$NOW cp -R /opt/otrs/Kernel/ $BDIR cp -R /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config/ $BDIR cp -R /o