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Cloud Computing Challenges in Regional Australia

Out here in the bush we have a fundamental problem with Cloud Computing. We can’t get to it! Our internet access is 3rd world at best and generally that’s being charitable. Recently I was at one of the incredibly rare Microsoft road shows in this area - we generally do not see any big companies come through here. Our regional population is around the 100,000 mark so we’re a small fish in a big ocean. The key message being delivered by the Microsoft chaps was Cloud, cloud and more cloud. So the outlook for the presentation was cloudy. Azure, Office365 - all that good stuff. Great for Microsoft - everyone moves to a subscription model, doesn’t need onsite hardware and you pay - continuously - for ever! Some of the stats were interesting.  Of those taking up a hosted Exchange, very few had taken up Office365. The presenter was surprised by this, but I don’t know why. We have a lot of clients using Office2010 or 2013 who have either purchased it very recently (in the case of 2013)