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GT7: Neo-Classic Competition - Fuji International Speedway

 So I've saved up and got myself the Mercedes CLK-LM, a car I had as a model when I was a boy, although it may have been the CLK-GTR but very close. I've been working through the Neo-Classic competition. It took two tries at the Redbull Ring to get that one over the line - I totally blew the tyre choice as it looked like it was going to rain and then didn't - I had already pitted and came out on IM tyres which buggered me for the rest of the race. Attempt two and I pitted about lap 7 and then just drove the big ole' Merc home. Here at Fuji Speedway, finishing lap 9 with a very quick XJR-9 in front of me and I thought I was stuffed for first place, but still, happy to finish second. I've got the difficulty turned up a bit and so I reckon any placing is pretty good. Bizarrely though, on that last lap, old mate in the XJR-9 decides to pit with one lap to go, so I sail through into P1 and hold it to the end? I had a bit of extra fuel, he had 14 and was on M race tyres s

GT7: Le Mans 24 hour track - 30 min race

 I've managed to crack this one with the Aston Martin DB10 Gr3 race car with 95% of power. It's great - the car has long legs so I can comfortably punch out two or three laps. Usually rains around lap 2, or halfway through lap 3 so it's on to Intermediates - not Wets. Have tried with other cars - no success. The AM is the winner for me on this track. 550,000 credits for a win, but let's try to play nice and get the Clean Race Bonus. Working on the 800 series - need to pick the right car and bed it in for this. Still struggling a little getting the right vehicle, but it won't be long before I crack it. 

GT7 Race Log - Daytona Gr.1 Prototype Series

 This race continues to elude me from a success perspective. Still racing the Toyota (and it's a beast) and getting solid lap times - but not near the fastest cars. I think I need a fully managed transmission - I'm not hitting the top of 6th gear on the straights, and struggling to get over 300km/h because the gearing is wrong. I'm hitting corner apexes pretty well and the Toyota has the most remarkable braking - I'm picking up places under brakes a lot, it's acceleration while it has battery charge is great - but I'm topping out in 5th around 290km/h - and I still have a gear to go. So, still getting into the top 10, usually about 5th but can't crack the top three. Nailed Suzuka Circuit though - still pretty happy about that (especially during appalling weather). Nothing like that at Daytona though - just car setup needs work. Hoping to get back to it today and also knock over the weekly challenges. 

GT7 Race Log - Suzuka Circuit Gr.1 Prototype Series

 This one is taking a bit more effort - especially with some dodgy weather during the racing. The TS050 is a great car: Image from: I made a 20th (wow was that a crappy race), then a 17th and then a 12th. My final attempt of last night I scored a 6th and set the fastest lap time, but made a few mistakes early that left me too far from the top 3 to strike. Every run through gets better, and these machines are amazing to drive. I'll have another crack in the next day or so, and see if we can continue improving. In the meantime, I've been watching the recent Manufacturer's Cup and the Nation's Cup on the Gran Turismo YouTube channel. Some amazing racing. Really felt for the Lambo team in the Manufacturer's Cup getting tagged and dropping back in the field. Those guys were smashing it. Enjoy your racing!

GT7 Race Log - Circuit de Sainte-Croix C GR.1 Prototype Series

 Hot damn! Ran this last night and came 16th with best time of 3:14 (RM tyres, single pitstop). Today I ran it, and that A. Wilk AI player knocked in a 3:06:XX as his hottest laptop and I managed a 3:07:XX. Came 2nd! I'm super happy with that. Running in the TS050 - Hybrid '16 and on soft tyres this time. At lap 6 dived in for fuel and new tyres - knocked me back a few places (I think I was 9th at the time) but I came out, flicked the fuel ratio to 1 and full power, then kicked it in the guts and got underway. 2nd is so much better than I hoped for. This run I was aiming for a top 10 at best, so I'm very pleased. I've struggled a bit at Daytona, but now I'm getting used to the handling of these Gr.1 cars - they're so different to the other classes, with really short braking zones, and absolutely heaps of power.  Woohoo! More to come on this baby, yeah!

GT7 Race Log - WTC700 Dragon Trail

So I haven't been messing with tech a lot lately, but I have been playing some Gran Turismo 7 and it's been a lot of fun. I need to record race information and thought others might benefit. My internet connectivity isn't great, so going up against other players has some difficulties associated with it. Playing the game though is all good. This was a race I really enjoyed, even though I came third initially - probably because I screwed up the race tactics a bit. The World Touring Car 700 races are great fun, and I'm still working out the car to take them on with. In this race, I took the very lovely Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) '22 for a spin. It's unmodified and on RH tyres. Lap times were low 1:40:00's (I think the best was a 1:40:xx), but the fuel usage was my problem! I had to stop twice, even with the fuel mapping turned significantly down. It just didn't have the legs to get me through the race on a one stop strategy. The GR Supra Race Car beat me, and