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GT7 - Super Formula challenge

 Holy moly these freaking cars are something else to drive. Forget all your old brake points, drive lines change and acceleration and handling are next level. I have had many accidents, spins, crashes and just generally crap driving in the SF19 Super Formula / Toyota '19 it's been wild. One does have to complete this series though, so I have put myself to the task. At Watkins Glen, racing on medium racing tyres and with the AI set to normal (not easy) I've finally managed to chalk up not only my first podium, but my first win as well! Yes indeed - with a 17:49.888 for the 12 lap race and the nearest rival at +18.749 I am pretty damn happy about that. It was by no means the first attempt, or the within the first 5 and my previous best was 6th place so I'm quite pleased. Brake late, and brake hard, carry a heap of speed through the corners - easy acceleration and then pounce on it - flog it all the way through to the next braking zone and back the car to handle itself wit

GT7 Race Log - Weekly Challenges

 Ah the weekly challenges - lots of fun and great for topping up the credit balance! This week's had a single vehicle type race - the Tesla Model 3 Performance on the GT circuit at Nurburg, then Kei car racing and finally the 800 PP racecars at Watkins Glen in a 10 lap, tyre wearing, fuel burning race for the cash. I took the ever reliable and wonderful Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 '16 around Watkins Glen. There's a tune on Reddit to get it down to 799PP and this car is just so enjoyable to drive. The performance and long range are nice, but the handling, braking and speed are altogether excellent. By the 4th lap I was in front and dialled the fuel economy all the way down to 6, cruising home with a 40sec plus win and no pits.  The Porsche Cup challenge race I took the Cayman GT4 Clubsport '16 for a spin and it's another really enjoyable car to drive. Not quite tearing the doors off performance, but very nice and in for an easy win in that race. I really like the handlin

GT7 - many races and lots of fun!

 Ah it's been a fruitful and fun few days. After slogging through racing the Red Bull cars, I needed extra cash to get the Super Formula car and get into that last Cafe ticket. On the way though, I've had a bit of fun with three cars in particular - the Porsche Cayman, the R34 Nissan and the BMW M3 - engine swapping all three. Holy moly that Cayman is a beast with 1199HP - it's drivable, but one needs to add a bunch a extra bits to make this weapon stop! So much fun.... thought I'd try it at Sardegna in the 15 lap race, but the fuel economy is terrible. 2 laps and it wants to refill - that's probably a bit crappy for that race :-) The R34 Nissan and the BMW are heaps of fun to drive. Took them around the Le Mans 24 hour circuit in the 30 minute 700PP race. The R34 monstered everyone else - especially on RM tyres. I was also lucky enough to get a race on this track with only threatening rain. Stopped once for fuel and powered onwards. Loved it. The race in the BMW 03