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HTC Aria Review

After the unmitigated disaster that is the Motorola Backflip I have very fortunately managed to get my hands on the HTC Aria. Although this device is aimed at a mid market it's a wonderful little bit of kit. OK so first up the hardware. The device itself is quite compact and fits in the palm with ease. I find that I can put it in the same case I had my e66 in without worry and it fits easily. The screen takes up the majority of the Aria with 4 capacitive buttons and a swipe mouse thing as well. Only a few external buttons - volume up/down and the lock/on/off switch. Under the black casing is a brightly coloured interior which is quite striking. The screen itself, which I read elsewhere as being not as bright as the OLED type screens is nonetheless bright and readable. I find it better than my iPhone 3GS to read. The keyboard works relatively well and the device is easy to use. The built in HTC themes and widgets are superb and I've found that I don't need to add any extra w