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How to restore a file with StorageCraft ShadowProtect

I've installed ShadowProtect on most of my clients' servers - it's a great product and if you're not using it for backups, then seriously consider it. One of our sub-contractors emailed me with some issues on restoring files so I thought I'd add my reply to him here as a quick cheat sheet: Log onto the server you need to restore the file from Open up the share where your backups are going Browse through the list of files and look for an .cd or .cw or .cm file around the correct date -cd.spi is a consolidated daily -cw.spi is a consolidated weekly -cm.spi is a consolidated monthly for a full listing see here: once you've found the correct file, right click on it and choose ShadowProtect Mount pick the defaults, except when it comes to the right date - the consolidated files have a list of possible days / weeks that you can choose - find the right one and click on it, then go Next mount the file as read-only unless you need read