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Office 2019 vs Office 2016 - a comparison

So with my new Mac has come a new suite of productivity tools from Microsoft - Office 2019. Yes I was indeed reluctant to try this out, but here it is. First, a couple of comparisons between the ribbons in Outlook: Outlook 2019 Ribbon (Mac) Outlook 2016 Ribbon (PC) And the Calendar part of Outlook: Outlook Calendar 2019 Outlook Calendar 2016 Fundamentally it all handles the same, but the UI change is quite marked. In fact, this is reflected across all the suite - Word, Excel and Powerpoint all have tidier interfaces on the Mac. Whether this is reflective of the difference in styles between Apple and Microsoft or not I'm unsure about. It's definitely tidier and less busy - this appeals to me. The actual driving of the applications is largely the same. Here is the compose window in a new email: New Email Outlook 2019 It's all pretty much the same, but you can see a more clean approach has been taken with the newer applications. I like it. I