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Traffic Monitoring using Ubuntu Linux, ntop, iftop and bridging

This is an update of an older post, as the utilities change, so has this concept of a cheap network spike - I use it to troubleshoot network issues, usually between a router and the network to understand what traffic is going where. The concept involves a transparent bridge between two network interface cards, and then looking at that traffic with a variety of tools to determine network traffic specifics. Most recently I used one to determine if a 4MB SDSL connection was saturated or not. It turned out the router was incorrectly configured and the connection had a maximum usage under 100Kb/s (!) At $1600 / month it's probably important to get this right - especially when the client was considering upgrading to a faster (and more expensive) link based on their DSL provider's advice. Hardware requirements: I'm using an old Dell Vostro desktop PC with a dual gigabit NIC in it - low profile and fits into the box nicely. Added a bit of extra RAM and a decent disk and that&

OTRS Restore Procedure and backup script

As I note in my previous post, I managed to kill my OTRS install and as usual had to trawl around the net to remember how to restore it. In a nutshell: # mysql -u root -p msyql> drop database otrs; mysql> create database otrs; mysql> ext # /opt/otrs/scripts/ -d path_to_backup  /opt/otrs You did back up right? Nightly I run a script with the following in it: #!/bin/bash # Variables below - change these to suit NOW=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M") # this gets the correct file name for OTRS backup LOCAL=/root/backup # a local directory for OTRS to backup to REMOTE="user@backupserver:~/backup/OTRS/" # remote backup dir - nfs share, ftp or cifs /opt/otrs/scripts/ -d $LOCAL # OTRS internal backup (files and DB) tar -cf $LOCAL/$NOW.tar $LOCAL/$NOW # creates a file from the OTRS backup folder - more efficient to copy over a network gzip $LOCAL/$NOW.tar rm -rf $LOCAL/$NOW # tidy up scp -r $LOCAL/$NOW.tar.gz $REMOT

Upgrading OTRS 3.1 to 3.2.1

After noting that our OTRS ( ) was complaining about a major release update pending I took the plunge this morning and set about upgrading it. Initially I ran through the normal upgrade procedure and couldn't log on. Oops. Maybe I need to pay more attention here? Turns out there are quite a few caveats about this upgrade, and I'm hoping that what I note here will assist you - especially the database upgrade stuff. That was a bit of a surprise! Initially I ran my normal script which stops services and backs everything up. That script looks like this: #!/bin/bash service cron stop service apache2 stop NOW=`date +%F` mkdir /root/backup/$NOW BDIR=/root/backup/$NOW cp -R /opt/otrs/Kernel/ $BDIR cp -R /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config/ $BDIR cp -R /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config/Files/ $BDIR cp -R /opt/otrs/var/ $BDIR /opt/otrs/scripts/ -d $BDIR Usually I then ln -s otrs-new otrs and run my upgrade script - but