Thursday, 19 April 2007

i-mate JasJam Review

About a month ago I bought an i-mate JasJam. Partly because I'm a geek, partly to keep myself organised.... well... mostly because I'm a geek. A very nice bit of kit I must say.

Very rarely I need to restart this device to fix up some minor issues. These include:
  • everything being in CAPS
  • problems re-connecting to the GSM network after I've turned it off
  • problems with it closing the calendar (of all things).
These have been very rare - only one or two instances of each.

Good things.
  • the keyboard is great to use, even with my semi-controlled fingers
  • the wheel on the side is incredibly useful
  • battery life is better than my Motorola V6 Maxx
  • everything works
  • syncs with Outlook easily and quickly
I've been quite happy with the phone functions and quite happy with the PDA functions. I'm a bit better organised than I was and I'm finding it incredibly useful to have access to documents/excel spreadsheets while on the go. Adding a 2GB MicroSD card to this device has made it very useful for listening to (perfectly legitimate) music and for the abundance of photos I've been taking. All in all, a nice bit of kit.

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