Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A ramble about stuff that irritates me

The internet seems to be a very US centric medium. Most of the news collected appears to be US related. We all know the US is the centre of the known universe (according to them) and I watch with no small sense of amusement as their political system collapses under the weight of incompetence, greed, malice and well, sheer stupidity. There are a lot of calls for impeachment, but while the Senate or Congress or whatever it is stalls and hums and harrs about things, it won't happen. That idiot Pelosi should be enacting the will of the people and making it happen and instead she is saying it's too hard. WTF? As I understand democracy if the people want something to happen, and they have a majority - why isn't something being done about it? In Australia we have a smaller population and while I'm not suggesting our politicians are any brighter than the US ones, at least we lack the resources to bring war to another nation. We just get dragged along by one of our trading partners who is probably ripping us off.

It's time for people to change their perspective about how to deal with other nations. Why not trade with them instead of trying to dominate them? I realise of course, that by trading one might have to pay for oil instead of just stealing it and how abhorrent this must be for certain greed driven folks. It seems to me that religion has a new contender for the cause of most deaths - GREED. Let's take control of oil - we can make a lot of money and it secures our national interest (which is making money). Why not say - keep your stinking oil and find another source of, say renewable energy that takes the power away from the oil providing nations. In 20 years, when there is no oil in the Middle East is anyone going to give a damn what is happening there? If we use sun, or wind, or tide, or nuclear power (which isn't quite renewable but works for a long time) then there is no country or people with a lot of power that can manipulate everyone else. What will this do to the Muslim extremists who are causing such grief to the United Nations Council for Human Rights? Guess what - women are equal to men. Let's move out of the Dark Ages and into the modern times where women are equally recognised for their intelligence, skills and knowledge. Let's take away such stupidity as head coverings, segregated buses and other such stupidity.

I don't want to get into a rant about religion - any religion, but it strikes me that perhaps if people could just take a bit of a step back and think or question what they are being told, we might see some changes take place. Then again, I've read a quote saying that religion takes away the responsibility to have to think. "My religion says this so that's what I'm going to do!" It brings me back to the ramble about the US that I started on. I think it's appalling to see religion getting in the way of day to day politics and decision making. Hearing about an archbishop saying that someone who votes for stem cell research can't take communion is nothing but blackmail pure and simple. Yet we allow it to happen. What's happening in the US is worse with religious figures becoming actively involved in subverting the political process.

And just while I'm on it - Intelligent Design is the biggest load of crap in the world. Anyone who believes in that shit and says that evolution is wrong needs to have their genes removed from the pool. Guess what - we're not descended from monkeys. If we were, there wouldn't be any monkeys. Descent implies they would be us now. We might have a common ancestor (divergent evolution - look it up) but we are not descended from monkeys.

It's unfortunate that the course of natural selection is diverted now - there are a lot of idiots that make the gene pool very shallow.

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