Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Migrating to Blogger

Previously I had been using Google Sites to host www.ryv.id.au. Sites is great, don't get me wrong, however the main purpose of my webpage is to host this blog and I don't think that sites do it well. For example, it doesn't list the entries in date order, rather in alphabetical order on the left hand side. While this is OK for a webpage, it makes it difficult for a blog oriented site to be easily navigated. My other webpage - www.zenpiper.com has a similar issue, only I also have other content on there not so easily migrated to Blogger.

It's horses for courses naturally. I've used Blogger previously and been reasonably happy with it. I'll stick with it for now and review what's happening with Google Sites as I go. Naturally, as a Google Reseller, I'm trying to keep up with it to the best of my ability to offer it to my valued clients.

AB out.

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