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GT7: Neo-Classic Competition - Fuji International Speedway

 So I've saved up and got myself the Mercedes CLK-LM, a car I had as a model when I was a boy, although it may have been the CLK-GTR but very close. I've been working through the Neo-Classic competition. It took two tries at the Redbull Ring to get that one over the line - I totally blew the tyre choice as it looked like it was going to rain and then didn't - I had already pitted and came out on IM tyres which buggered me for the rest of the race. Attempt two and I pitted about lap 7 and then just drove the big ole' Merc home.

Here at Fuji Speedway, finishing lap 9 with a very quick XJR-9 in front of me and I thought I was stuffed for first place, but still, happy to finish second. I've got the difficulty turned up a bit and so I reckon any placing is pretty good. Bizarrely though, on that last lap, old mate in the XJR-9 decides to pit with one lap to go, so I sail through into P1 and hold it to the end? I had a bit of extra fuel, he had 14 and was on M race tyres so I don't know what happened there. I had thought I was stuffed - the previous lap I ripped straight up the Supra's backside at 300km/h because I wasn't paying attention and dropped from P1 to P2 with 2 laps left.

I'll take - I'm not saying I won't, but it was a weird way to get the win....


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